bioLUMINosity    CALENDAR   2018


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= DEEP DIVERS - special closed-group  4 sessions  to dive deeper into the processes of transformational movement. $40 for all 4 sessions /pay by night 1
        = 7:30 - 9:30
=      Wednesdays:   Sept 26 =  Oct 10 /24   = Nov 7

20 Dickinson St, AMHERST MA [off Main St]

Learning to tune into the chalras, using visualization & energy processes to enhance transformation!

Music to deeply entrain one's spine, one's heart, spiral together in self-love. 

~ you ride the vehicle, surf the waves, find nuanced meaning from within ~ 

Dance at its deepest channel, on the edge of trance, to its lightest grace of flow.

=for more info. visit :  other pages of this website here - bioL format / bioL testimonials

An intimate dreamlike movement journey dance inspired by a sophisticated soundtrack and conscious attentiveness.

Each participant autonomously flows in his/her own exploration in a safely held container.

Interaction & communion between participants happens in a natural flow when desired.
All aspects of human experience embodied enrich our lives.

This journey invites emotional experience & release, transformation that is possible

by touching the beauty of vulnerability. 

Space, energy, breath, stillness are allowed as much attention as rhythm and movement.


20 Dickinson St, AMHERST MA [off Main St]

* Disability street level accessible at this address [see parking info at end*]


Let’s do what we can together to keep building our personal & community resilience! 


  1. *bioLUMINosity  is a nonverbal experience during music / movement portion.

  2. *other sounding is permitted. We are staying out of the verbal-linguistic brain

However, obvious exception is any emergency medical need!



If parking lot is full -

extra parking is available on Main St or behind the studio [one level down]

to park in the large lot behind - enter RED Barn Studios -

drive to rear, right, park, come up the lit single flight of stairs and around to the front entrance.